Denver Occupiers fail in effort to occupy BlogCon11

Denver Occupiers fail in effort to occupy BlogCon11:


Nearly 200 Conservative bloggers were in the middle of a training session on data visualization when Occupy Denver launched their “surprise” effort to occupy the conference. The protest was a major fail in no small part because the Occupiers announced the “surprise” occupation attempt on Twitter.

When the Occupiers showed up they were met at the conference room door by dozens of cameras wielded by experienced bloggers.

The attempted failed occupation attempted after a brief and very one sided debate. The Occupiers were outnumbered, outclassed and totally incapable of articulating what was the point of their so-called protest. After about five minutes of chaos the Occupiers retreated from the conference facility with only one of their sorry group being arrested.

You can watch raw video of the chaos below:


(Via RedState)


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