Michelle Malkin’s top 10 union thug moments of the year

In honor of labor day Michelle Malkin has posted her top 10 union thugs moment of the year.  They are as follows:

10. August 16, 2011, across the Northeast. Striking Communications Workers of America declare “open season” on Verizon. Dozens of cases of sabotaged cable lines are reported.

9. February 23, 2011, Washington DC. CWA union thug strikes young female FreedomWorks activist.

8. March 1, 2011, Madison, Wisconsin. Mob rule video: Unhinged crowd corners Wisconsin GOP senator shouting “F**k you,” “Shame!”AFSCME, UFCW, SEIU:

7. August 6, 2011, Boston, MA. Local IBEW 827 storms Verizon VP Bill Foshay’s neighborhood and union members scream “We’re here to fight” in front of his private residence on a weekend afternoon.


6. February 23, 2011, Washington DC. CWA protester screams at FreedomWorks staffer for being a “bad Jew!”

5. February 27, 2011, Madison WI. Union protesters exhibit Fox News Derangement Syndrome:


Tobin said he has received much heckling, and that a teacher even told him she hates him because it made her feel good. The “utter lack of civility and harassment of reporters,” as anchor Gregg Jarrett described it, is truly breathtaking and seems like a weird strategy to try and win support for one’s cause.

And yes, they threatened to break his neck.

4. February 23, 2011, Columbus, OH. Unhinged union protester fumes: “The tea party is a bunch of d**k-sucking corporate butt-lickers who want to crush the working people of this country.”

3. March 1, 2011, Denver CO. Racist SEIU supporters taunt gay black Tea Party activist and entrepreneur Leland Robinson, who criticized teachers unions at a Capitol rally, by calling him “son,” telling him to “get behind that fence where you belong,” and jeering “Do you have any children? That you claim?”

2. February 24, 2011, Providence, R.I. Rhode Island union supporter to cameraman – “I’ll f**k you in the ass, you faggot.” The eruption starts at 7:32 in this video.

1. February 23, 2011. Democrat Rep. Michael Capuano of Mass. revs up Big Labor goons (starts at 1:50 in the video): “Get a little bloody.”




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