Anchorage CBS Affiliate Caught on Voicemail Conspiring Against Alaska’s GOP Senate Candidate

Oops! CBS Alaska affiliate KTVA called Joe Miller’s Senate campaign spokesperson Randy Desoto but neglected to hang up the phone correctly. The voice mail message that was inadvertently left his phone is very telling. According to P.J Salvatore at Big Journalism “the voices are believed to be those of the news director for CBS Anchorage affiliate KTVA, along with assignment editor Nick McDermott, and other reporters, openly discussing creating, if not fabricating, two stories about Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, Joe Miller. “

This is merely another indication of how biased the media really is.  They conduct themselves in this manner on wide and consistent basis.  The difference this time is that they were caught red handed.

“The following is a transcript of a call recorded after CBS Alaska affiliate KTVA called Joe Miller’s Senate campaign spokesperson. The call failed to disconnect properly. It was later authenticated by McDermott, who sent a text to Randy DeSoto stating, “Damn iPhone… I left you a long message. I thought I hung up. Sorry.”’

FEMALE REPORTER: That’s up to you because you have the
experience but that’s what I would do…I’d wait until you see who
shows up because that indicates we already know something…



FEMALE REPORTER: Child molesters…

MALE REPORTER: Oh yes…Joe Miller’s…uh…get a list of
people/campaign workers which one’s the molester


FEMALE VOICE: You know that of all the people that will show up
tonight, at least
one of them will be a registered sex offender.


We need to find that one person…


FEMALE REPORTER: The one thing we can do is ….we won’t
know….we won’
t know but if there is any sort of chaos whatsoever
we can put out a twitter/facebook alert: saying what the… ‘Hey Joe
Miller punched at rally.’

FEMALE REPORTER: Kinda like Rand Paul…I like that.


FEMALE REPORTER: That’s a good one

Read the article at Big Journalism here.
Read the transcript of the voice mail here.
Listen to the audio on Breitbart’s site here.


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