iPad Fever and How to Cure It

When Apple unveiled its highly anticipated tablet device dubbed the iPad on January 27th of this year I wasn’t overly impressed. My initial inclination was to simply label it a very large iPod touch. It lacks a front facing camera; It lacks a USB port; It lacks the ability to play flash content. It lacks many features that a typical net-book or other computing devices would usually have. This reaction predisposed me to wait for the next generation of the device.

Then the extremely positive reviews started poring in and my trepidation quickly morphed into a desire to give the device a second look. Each glowing review sparked an interest to give one a test drive. So, I decided to stop by an Apple store to see if my impression would match that of the reviews.

I arrived at the Apple store to find lines of curious iPad inquisitors just like myself. They were surrounding the iPad displays like sharks circling their prey. When It was finally my turn to play with the revolutionary device I was immediately overtaken with a fever that quickly traveled from my hands to the part of my brain that echoed “must buy” over and over.

My first impression was how sturdy and well made the device is. Just like other Apple gadgets it has a very solid feel to it. The touch screen is remarkably fast and intuitive. Applications open in a flash and are rendered beautifully on its dazzling 9.7″ display. There are currently well over 3,000 apps formatted for the iPad and many more are on the way. I initially found the keyboard a little awkward and cramped but it didn’t take long for me to start typing with ease.

I currently own an iPhone, MacBook Pro and a Kindle so I initially did not think I would find much use for an iPad. But, I am very eager to experience the Wall Street Journal and other newspapers and magazines on it. I truly believe this device will revolutionize old print media and may very well resuscitate them.

Many believe in love at first site but this did not hold true for me when introduced to the iPad in January. But, it was definitely love at first touch. I have a fever and the only cure is to purchase an iPad. I am currently waiting for Apple to release the 3G version and will be one of the first in line to purchase one.


About Will Hucks

I am a systems analyst and do java development here in Jacksonville Florida.
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