Why Tonight’s Elections are a Referendum Against Obama

Erick Erickson over at RedState outlines numerous reasons why tonight’s elections are indeed a referendum on Barack Obama. The Obama administration and the state run media will do their best to downplay conservative victories in tonight’s elections. However, Erickson has some facts that Obama and the media would like to hide from us.

New York 23

  • Barack Obama sent Joe Biden to visit.
  • Obama’s White House negotiated Dede Scozzafava’s endorsement of the Democrat.
  • Scozzafava and Owens both supported and campaigned on supporting the stimulus.

New Jersey

  • Obama sent his top pollster to take command of the race.
  • Obama visited multiple times, including the day before the election.
  • Obama is featured in most of Corzine’s advertising.
  • The Democratic Governors Association and DNC all pumped in a ton of money.
  • Corzine ran on helping Obama at the state level.


  • The Democratic Governors Association spent $4 million to get Creigh Deeds elected.
  • The Democratic National Committee spent $6 millino to get Deeds elected.
  • Obama campaigned for Deeds multiple times.
  • Organizing for America sent a mail piece to 300,000 “surge voters”, or voters who voted for the first time in 2008, urging them to vote for Deeds.
  • Organizing for America set up phone banks for Creigh Deeds.
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    3 Responses to Why Tonight’s Elections are a Referendum Against Obama

    1. Rosenlundkv says:

      No matter what the outcome it spells the truth that days are numbered for the swine and his sycophants. This crew in Washington are bleeding us dry.

    2. Ben Hoffman says:

      Naaaa… Virginia has been a red state for quite some time. The state going for Obama last year was an anomaly. The N.Y. race is in a district that has long been Republican.

      New Jersey is the closest thing that comes to a referendum on Obama. We’ll have to see what happens there.

    3. javabeanwill says:

      One thing to keep in mind is the fact that Democrat voter turn out has been very low in these races. The facts outlined by Erick Erickson do indeed illustrate how Obama was very involved in these campaigns and he was not able to draw voters to the polls. Clinton was actually very good at this where Obama has failed thus far.

      Also, Obama won Virginia by 6 percentage points and it appears as the Republican is going to win by a huge landslide. This is a huge swing within only a year of the Presidential election.

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