Shocking CNN Poll: After 6 Months, More View Obama’s Presidency as a ‘Failure’ Than Bush’s

In a shocking CNN Poll more view Obama’s Presidency as a ‘Failure’ than Bush’s after 200 days in office.  Question three on the national survey of 1,136 adults(which includes an over-sample of African-Americans) asks, “Do you consider the first six months of the Obama administration to be a success of a failure?”

The survey found that 37% said they believe the Obama administration is a “failure,” while just 51% consider it a “success”.  The survey also showed that 11% believe it’s still “too soon to tell.”

The same question was asked of the Bush administration in an August 2001 CNN/Gallup/USA Today survey.  This survey revealed that 56% said the Bush administration was a “success” while only 32% considered it to be a “failure.”

link to the poll here.

click here to read Real Clear Politics posting on this survey.


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2 Responses to Shocking CNN Poll: After 6 Months, More View Obama’s Presidency as a ‘Failure’ Than Bush’s

  1. joeland7 says:

    Polls can say anything you want them to say. It all depends on who you ask, how you ask the question, and where you ask. If you ask the question in Slopbucket AR or Hogheaven MS you will get 99.9% of the people saying that he is a gross failure because a black man can’t succeed at anything esp. the presidency.

  2. javabeanwill says:

    I agree with your assessment of polling techniques. This is what makes me even more surprised that CNN, which usually leans to the left in it’s polls, would show such a high percentage of adults who believe Obama’s administration has been a failure thus far. If you look at the internal data on most of these polls the number of democrats polled usually are much greater than the number of republicans polled.

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