Just realized that I really need to update my website

After browsing the website of a twitter friend I have come to the sad realization that my blog website is badly in need of an upgrade.  I am currently using a basic wordpress theme due to the fact that the website is currently being hosted by wordpress.  I have an old computer at home that I will be using as a server so I might be redesigning it soon.  I am hoping to use some technologies like JSF with ICEFaces for the front-end component library.  I am hoping to be able to use Java for the back-end logic.

I will be using Dreamweaver to handle the html layout and I will be using Fireworks for the actual graphical design of the site.  One of the drawbacks to using Dreamweaver is the fact that it can not handle webpage extensions for JSF as well as ICEFaces( jspx ).  ICEFaces is merely a JSF framework extension.  It has it’s own component library which makes coding things like panel tabs and dynamic trees much easier.  

I will be posting updates on  my progress on my new little project to redesign my blog website.


About Will Hucks

I am a systems analyst and do java development here in Jacksonville Florida.
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4 Responses to Just realized that I really need to update my website

  1. jweyrich says:

    I suggest you to take a look at GoogleWebToolkit (GWT) first.

  2. javabeanwill says:

    I will have to check it out. Seems like we looked into using the GoogleWeb Toolkit here at work but we ruled it out for some reason. Would you happen to know if there is a RAD plugin for it? We are currently using RAD 7.5 here at my job.

  3. javabeanwill says:

    The following blog entry is a very good comparison of GWT to Wicket.


    Seems like GWT requires more java coding than wicket and other frameworks.

  4. this blog site good and nice sharing…….keep it up

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