Post Election Zogby Poll: Almost No Obama Voters Ace Election Test

The premise of the poll was to illustrate how Obama could be elected president considering his limited experience, extreme liberal positions and radical political alliances.  The answer to this is actually rather simple…the news media simply refused to do their job.  

This survey found that most Obama voters remembered negative coverage of McCain/Palin statements but struggled to correctly answer questions about coverage associated with Obama/Biden.

The Zogby Poll:

512 Obama Voters 11/13/08-11/15/08 MOE +/- 4.4 points

97.1% High School Graduate or higher, 55% College Graduates

Results to 12 simple Multiple Choice Questions

57.4% could NOT correctly say which party controls congress (50/50 shot just by guessing)

71.8% could NOT correctly say Joe Biden quit a previous campaign because of plagiarism (25% chance by guessing)

82.6% could NOT correctly say that Barack Obama won his first election by getting opponents kicked off the ballot (25% chance by guessing)

88.4% could NOT correctly say that Obama said his policies would likely bankrupt the coal industry and make energy rates skyrocket (25% chance by guessing)

56.1% could NOT correctly say Obama started his political career at the home of two former members of the Weather Underground (25% chance by guessing).

And yet…..

Only 13.7% failed to identify Sarah Palin as the person on which their party spent $150,000 in clothes

Only 6.2% failed to identify Palin as the one with a pregnant teenage daughter

And 86.9 % thought that Palin said that she could see Russia from her “house,” even though that was Tina Fey who said that!!

Only 2.4% got at least 11 correct.

Only .5% got all of them correct. (And we “gave” one answer that was technically not Palin, but actually Tina Fey)

Click here to view the website with the poll.

Click here to see the actual poll results.


About Will Hucks

I am a systems analyst and do java development here in Jacksonville Florida.
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One Response to Post Election Zogby Poll: Almost No Obama Voters Ace Election Test

  1. Hi,

    Like your blog. Found it doing a search for “Zogby poll”. Thanks for writing and helping to spread truth. We get bias almost everywhere else.

    I think the most disturbing thing from that poll is that 81% DID know that Obama wanted to “spread the wealth”, and they were fine with that.

    Thanks for writing. I’ll be back to read more.

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