Obama-supporting teacher bullies soldier’s daughter [updated]

A teacher in Ashville North Carolina is on video harassing a student who happens to be a soldier’s daughter about being a McCain supporter.  Anyone who has ever wondered why our educational system has been underperforming lately needs to look no farther than this video.  This woman who claims to be an ‘educator’ uses poor grammar and clearly makes some pretty ignorant statements.  She seems to think that Obama is going to “win” the war.  

I guess her idea of winning a war is waving the white flag and pulling our troops out before their job has been completed.  She also seems to think that this girl’s father could be in Iraq for another 100 years.  It only takes about two brain cells to realize that her father probably won’t even be alive in 100 years.  It’s very sad and scary when people like this are teaching our children.  When our children are being propagandized and educated by the uneducated it’s no surprise to see why so many Americans got it wrong this past election.  


UPDATE, 11/07/2008:  Fox News has now picked up on this story.  Click here to read their report.


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I am a systems analyst and do java development here in Jacksonville Florida.
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