Obama’s Role in Illinois Ethics Bill Now in Question

Dennis Conrad and Christopher Wills have an column at townhall.com shedding light on an ethics bill in Illinois that Obama likes to take credit for.  The column states:

Barack Obama likes to give himself star billing for his role in enacting ethics reforms in Illinois a decade ago, but he didn’t act alone.

“When I was in Illinois, I passed the toughest ethics reform in 25 years there, despite the opposition of Democrats and Republicans,” the Democratic presidential candidate told a New Hampshire audience last month.

In fact, Obama was part of an ensemble that negotiated the legislation and built support for it. And the ethics bill passed by lopsided margins of 52-4 in the Senate and 102-3 in the House, although its riskier moments came earlier during those behind-the-scene negotiations that Obama was heavily involved in.

Click here to read the column.


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