Born-alive survivor scolds Obama on vote protecting infanticide

Hot Air has a very good blog entry showing how a Born-alive survivor, Gianna Jesson, is speaking out against Barack Obama who is the only current member of the Senate to have voted against a bill such as the Born Alive Infant Protection Act.  Jesson joins the new pro-life group Born Alive Truth and is becoming a powerful spokeswoman for their cause.  31 years ago she survived a saline abortion and has fought to stop the barbaric practice of leaving such living infants to die by abortionists unwilling to face the failure of their procedure.

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The blog entry states the following:

Make no mistake about this.  Obama voted four times to protect this barbaric practice, even after hearing direct testimony from a witness about how babies were left to die from neglect after surviving their abortion.  Obama worried more about the burden on theabortionists than he did about the child.

Gianna Jesson shows how heartless and cold those four votes were, and is a living reminder of the countless children that Obama failed to protect — and who aren’t around to make this commercial because of Obama’s success in killing the Illinois bill that would have saved their lives.


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3 Responses to Born-alive survivor scolds Obama on vote protecting infanticide

  1. kolchak33 says:

    This is a powerful ad. The McCain camp needs to virally spread this more.

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  3. DeeDee says:

    Those that are OK with this type of treatment towards a living, breathing infant are the same ones that scream when an animal is mistreated. Do NOT take me wrong, I think anyone that mistreats an animal is a moron. However, mistreating an infant is sick and twisted and should be treated as MURDER!!!!!!!!!!!! These babies are alive! What part of alive does Mr. O not understand? There is no way he has accepted Christ as his Savior

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