Why I’m undigging digg.com

According to wikipedia “Digg is a website made for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the internet, by submitting links and stories, and voting and commenting on submitted links and stories, in a social and democratic spirit.”  Digg is indeed just how it’s described here.  It allows users to submit links to stories, images or videos.  Users are then given the opportunity to vote for or against these stories, images and videos.  

When I first discovered digg I thought it would be a good tool for increasing traffic to my blog on wordpress but I quickly realized that it was simply a playground for liberals to spew their emotional rants about how much they hate everything republican or conservative.  I know what you might be thinking and I agree with you.  “Digg provides equal access to both liberals and conservatives.”  This thought is true but from my brief time browsing the site I quickly realized that a huge majority of the posts and comments were from liberals.  

Even if this site and service is dogmatically dominated by liberals I decided to give it a try.  I found a submission poking fun at President Bush’s incorrect presentation of the American flag at the Olympics.  Some of the comments from liberals are as follows:

digg user aussiejan stated:

For Bush to be displaying the flag correctly, it should be upside-down.  That is the international signal for a “ship” in distress.

Not surprisingly this comments has received 59 positive diggs.

I decided to post my own comment on this and add a few about the democratic candidate as well.

At least he doesn’t have a problem displaying it like Obama does. What puzzles me is why Obama would remove the american flag from his campaign plane? He even refuses to wear a lapel pin featuring the american flag. I think he only recently wore one due to his advisers telling him to do so. This guy even tells a 7 year old girl that “America is no longer what it could be…”. He even goes over seas and bashes his own nation. His wife finds it extremely difficult finding anything to be proud about her nation. His pasture constantly bashes and puts down America. One of his close personal friends, Bill Ayers, is a known domestic terrorists. I think there is definitely a pattern of disdain towards his own nation. Personally, I find it very difficult to support or even vote for someone with that mind set.

I agree these comments can be somewhat controversial but they are what I know to be facts and the truth.  In my comment I didn’t call anyone names or go on an emotional rant.  I was merely pointing out facts and truths about someone whom I personally feel would be extremely dangerous to our nation if elected.  There is nothing wrong with expressing my personal beliefs as there is nothing wrong with anyone else expressing theirs.  

Not surprisingly my comment received -44 diggs along with some comments that would normally be associated with a grade school name calling session.  Some of these comments are as follows:

digg user oscenester stated:

You guys bitchin about Obamas plane and the flag are idiots. That flag on the tail is a TM of the airline company douchebags. 

The flag by the registration number is still there. 

Get a fucking education rightards.

This emotional, non factual, name calling rant received +5 diggs.  

digg user pennvneff had a profound and intelligent statement which received +11 diggs.

What a stupid fucking cunt

digg user spuddly started making a good point but then just had to call me a f’ing moron.  He received +4 diggs.

Anyone who is able to criticize their country and recognizes there are problems to be fixed obviously wants to work hard to better their country. If you think wearing a lapel pin equals patriotism, you’re a fucking moron.

Some other headlines posted to digg include the following:

Digg user jpsoraire subitted the following from huffingtonpost.com:

GOPers For Obama Rip McCain on Georgia, Tout Hagel As VP

Digg user BishkekBuddy posting the following from jedreport.com, another liberal site.  The one here is referring to McCain:

Still ‘The One’ (For Lobbyists)

Digg user MakiMaki posted the following from jedreport.com which again slanders McCain:

McCain Camp Lies About Nevada Nuclear Waste Dump

Digg user MakiMaki also submitted the following from huffingtonpost.com which again slanders McCain:

The Media-Created Myth That Veterans Love McCain

Digg user MakiMaki posted yet another one from thinkprogress.com trying to paint conservatives as war mongers:

Neocons Call For U.S. To Launch War With Russia

These were just a few of the very liberal headlines that were submitted to digg.  After scrolling through page after page of digg headlines I only saw one conservative submission.  

I have always known that liberals tend to make decisions and come to conclusions based on emotions rather than facts and the emotional rants quoted above and the numerous others on Digg.com are actually proving this to be true.  But, the question I began asking myself is “why are liberal submissions and comments far outnumbering those of conservatives”?  I have given a lot of thought to attempting to answer this question and my answer is actually very simple and fits the ideology and mindset of a typical liberal.  

Liberals tend to support a welfare state and are usually very dependent of the government for everything.  Therefore most of the liberals posting on digg and other blogs such as the huffingpost are probably unemployed and on welfare or they are very young and immature and uninformed.  Either way, this would explain why they have plenty of time to sit at home all day and post to these sites.  Most conservatives believe in being independent and being able to provide for themselves and families without needing a handout from the government and therefore are usually working and do not have as much time to post to these sites.  

After seeing how liberal digg actually is I’m not sure whether it’s a nuisance or a blessing. How blatantly liberal it is makes it extremely annoying.  However, this site also tends to expose liberals for who they really are.


About Will Hucks

I am a systems analyst and do java development here in Jacksonville Florida.
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4 Responses to Why I’m undigging digg.com

  1. John Saban says:

    I couldn’t agree more; currently looking for an alternative to Digg after being a fan for years.

  2. John says:

    Me too, However, I am a fan of Ron Paul, and him and Obama could not be farther apart in there beliefs. So I find it odd that they are both favored by the Digg crowd. You should write about that in your blog. I would digg that.

  3. Hey,

    I couldn’t agree more. People are just mean spirited at that website, and rude. When I give them a taste of their own medicine twenty more of them pile on to me.

    I just posted a link to a ten minute YouTube video properly explaining the middle east conflict and why the U.S. needs to support the only middle east democracy of Israel.

    One user cleverly said: Thanks, flagged for hatred.

    What the hell?

  4. Tommy says:

    love this post.
    i cant stand the people at that website.
    the comments here make me sick:

    thanks for this post

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