LA Times Front-Page Headline: “War on terrorism loses ground”

There is a lot of good news to be reported when it comes to the war on terror. However, the mainstream media is choosing to ignore this good news. Now that the surge has proven to be successful and things are going extremely well with very little “bad news” coming out of Iraq the media has now moved coverage of the war on terror to the back pages of their newspapers and hardly mentioned at all in their news broadcasts.

Now, the Los Angeles Times is declaring that we are losing ground in the war on terror. The front-page headline of its newspaper reads “War on terror loses ground” (see image of newspaper). The online version of the paper actually adds Pakistan to the head-line (click here to read the online version). It starts its article by stating the following:

Although the “war on terrorism” remains a consuming focus of the U.S. government, the Bush administration appears poised to leave behind a situation not unlike the one it inherited nearly eight years ago: a resurgent Al Qaeda ensconced in South Asia, training new recruits, plotting attacks against the West, and seemingly beyond the United States’ reach.

The mainstream media loves to leave the impression that the US military is not capable of achieving success in this war. Therefore, the only viable solution is to cut and run or “redeploy” as Obama and the Democrats like to term it. With all of the successes coming out of Iraq the Democrats and the media are having to search deep and hard for any bad news they can possibly find.


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