The only place Democrats want to drill

The Tennessee Republican Party is selling bumper stickers stating that “The only place Democrats want to drill” is Your Wallet.  This is an awesome political ad campaign since it hits the Democrats on two fronts.  First, it exposes them on their strong stance against exploring and drilling for oil which would make us less dependent on foreign nations.  It also illustrates and shows how their main concern and goal is taking as much of our hard earned money as possible.  Their solution to any problem is to simply raise our taxes.


About Will Hucks

I am a systems analyst and do java development here in Jacksonville Florida.
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One Response to The only place Democrats want to drill

  1. Jamie Adams says:

    The slogan, YOUR WALLET etc. actually was taken from a cartoon by Sam Ryskind which appeared in Human Events several weeks ago. Ryskind is a terrific cartoonist and writer and I think he should be listed among your links. You might also want to visit his website, The Ryskind Sketchbook and add it to your links.

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