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Nullriver Releases Official iPhone Tethering Application On App Store (Update: removed)

A very unexpected application has turned up in the iTunes App Store.  The application is called NetShare and it was released by Nullriver.  What makes this application so unexpected is that it allows users to tether their iPhone to a … Continue reading

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Update for iPhone app Twinkle finally hits iTunes app store

An update for the extremely popular twitter tweeting iPhone application Twinkly has finally made its way to the iTunes app store.  According to Tapulous, Inc., the creator of the application, the following changes were made: Fixed an issue where corrupted imaged … Continue reading

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MagicPad Editor Offers Copy and Paste for the iPhone

An upcoming iPhone application called MagicPad appears to have found a pretty good solution for copy and paste for the iPhone.  The creators of the application have created a video demonstrating how it works and I must say it’s pretty … Continue reading

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Gains for McCain in latest USA TODAY/Gallup Poll

Despite having the media at his side to hide his gaffes and who he really is, Obama is now trailing Senator McCain by 4 in the latest USA TODAY/Gallup Poll.   Republican presidential candidate John McCain moved from being behind … Continue reading

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LA Times Front-Page Headline: “War on terrorism loses ground”

There is a lot of good news to be reported when it comes to the war on terror. However, the mainstream media is choosing to ignore this good news. Now that the surge has proven to be successful and things … Continue reading

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The only place Democrats want to drill

The Tennessee Republican Party is selling bumper stickers stating that “The only place Democrats want to drill” is Your Wallet.  This is an awesome political ad campaign since it hits the Democrats on two fronts.  First, it exposes them on their strong … Continue reading

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Obama hits another “wall” with yet another Gaffe

Obama has hit another wall with yet another Gaffe.  In his supposed “major” speech in Berlin he stated: Not only have walls come down in Berlin, but they have come down in Belfast, where Protestant and Catholic found a way to … Continue reading

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